How to catch pike

5 techniques to acquire and enjoy pike

By Jake MacDonaldJake MacDonald


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5 techniques to acquire and enjoy pike

The first requirement for a pike recipe is of course acquiring a pike, and although tourist brochures usually label pike as “voracious feeders,” they’re not always easy to catch, especially in the heat of summer, when small pike hide out in aquatic weeds and larger pike descend into deeper water ranging from 10 to 16 °C.

The deeper the water, the lower the oxygen content, so one reliable tactic for finding summer pike is to troll large crank baits in deep water with a bit of current. (Current oxygenates the water.)

Another good method is to cast bucktail spinners along the edges of weed beds adjacent to deep water, especially in the cool of the evening.

Pike are spirited fighters, and a fish of three to four kilograms can put up a spectacular battle. If you are using barbless hooks (and you should) most of your pike can be released unharmed at boatside with gloves and needle nose pliers.

If you are taking one home for dinner, kill it with a rap on the back of the neck, and clean it as soon as possible.

Try different recipes. Brochet (French for pike) might become a favourite new word in your vocabulary.


This article was originally published on February 16, 2011

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