How to turn MDF into tongue-and-groove pine

Get the authentic wood look for less

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MDF is a great wood alternative that can give you the look of tongue and groove pine with minimal impact on the environment and on your wallet.


  • MDF
  • router with V-bit
  • 2 precut pieces of wood to act as guides
  • dust filter masks
  • stain or paint

Step #1: Position your slab of MDF on a workbench. Clamp the first guide down lined up to the edge of the MDF. After putting on your dust filter mask, run your router along the guide.

Step #2: Place your second guide butt up against your first guide and clamp. Run the router along the second guide. Repeat until you have covered the whole slab.

Step #3: Wipe the MDF clean from all dust. Pay special attention to the grooves.






Step #4: Paint with an oil-based paint or use a water-based colour stain on your MDF. Allow to dry, coat with polycrylic coating and then mount on your wall.






Whether you finish your whole cottage in faux tongue and groove or just a small room, you will being saving pine trees and money, which should make relaxing at the cottage even easier.

This article was originally published on March 5, 2007

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