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December 9th, 2010


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It’s probably the craft geek in me, but I think I might enjoy wrapping up gifts even more than unwrapping them. There is so much room for creativity in gift wrapping, especially if you use found objects from around your home or cottage, or can think of clever ways to reuse special items (a vintage hankie or teatowel, for example) to add something extra-special to your present. But perhaps it’s not the craft geek in me at all that drives my interest in this topic. Perhaps it’s a design blogger thing?

I say that because just yesterday I heard from founding CL Style blogger Corinna vanGerwen about her new gift wrapping business, Corinna Wraps. There’s no better time than Christmas to launch such a venture, and just a quick peek at her website reveals a touch of cottage influence. Witness her pinecone-topped parcel:


I love the clean and simple look of this gift. It just goes to show you how one thoughtful flourish makes such a special difference. Corinna’s site will inspire you to elevate your own gift packages to a new level, be it by sharing some of her own creations, or by walking you though some gift wrapping basics, including how to tie the perfect bow and how to wrap a box.

If you’re feeling like you need some hands-on experience, you might consider attending Corinna’s gift wrapping workshop taking place this Sunday at Papermarché in Toronto. Or you can farm out all your wrapping to her directly.

Do you have any creative ways of wrapping gifts? I’d love to hear them!

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