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November 22nd, 2010


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Good weekends all? Rich and I took a much-needed break from setting up house (a process that never seems to end) in favour of some R&R. Well, that’s sort of true; he spent some time moving furniture, while I spent some time working on a pennant garland for the baby’s room. It was inspired by my friend Cait’s baby-shower project I wrote about last spring. I don’t have a sewing machine and I wanted to use chunky yarn so that the stitches show up well when they are hanging from the ceiling, so I’m doing it entirely by hand. Takes longer, but will look appropriate in this particular room. Only problem is that my fingertips are getting quite sore. I need a thimble for each digit!

So often, it’s the DIY efforts that I see on the blogosphere that inspire me to undertake my own projects. And that’s exactly why I love hearing about your projects so much. (Keep them coming!) Here are two from loyal reader Ted, each tackling my favourite topic: lighting. First up, a lamp made specifically to display a collection of beach glass:

“This bedside lamp is made from a two-litre mason jar from Michaels,” he says. “I filled it with white beach glass we collected on our beach walks. There is so much junk that washes up on our shore we feel better if we collect it so it cannot find it’s way back into the lake.” A great idea Ted! I also like that you could adapt this project to suit just about any found object, including pebbles, acorns, nuts and bolts, you name it!

For his next project, Ted, a resident of Ontario’s Essex County, used Ash trees that had to be cut down due to the Emerald Ash Borer infestation in his area. He took the good bits and fashioned them into a light fixture to hang over the dining room table, adding bulbs and shades to suit the overall decor. Again, I like this project because it is highly adaptable. The frame, chain, and shades can all be changed to suit any interior. And because I’m in full nesting mode and itching for the start of the holiday decorating season, I must admit that my first thought upon pulling this photo up today was how easy it would be to wrap pine garland around it. (Someone is aching for December 1st…)

The only issue that I would have with the chandelier is that it might be a touch beyond my pretty much non-existent woodworking skills. Lucky for me, I have a great chance to bone up on just that at the Great Outdoors and DIY Weekend Show starting this Friday at the International Centre. This mega show not only includes the annual Fall Cottage Life Show, but the Outdoor Canada show, the explore adventure show and, for woodworking newbies like me, the Canadian Home Workshop Show, all under one roof. The best part? You earn admission to all four shows for the price of just one ticket.

And, just because I love you all lots, I have two free tickets available to the first person who e-mails me photos and details of their best DIY cottage decor or design project.

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