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November 19th, 2010



Rich and I and my brother Tom were at the cottage last weekend to close up. Such a sad time of year. Hard because, no matter how long we’ve tried to deny it, summer (and even Indian summer, for that matter) is well and truly over. It’s just going to get colder. But it’s also sad that we don’t spend more time up at the lake in the late fall, because the light is sensational, making everything seem so intense, in the evening especially. Need proof? Check out the sunset shot above, taken by my lovely new husband from our front deck.

One thing we did notice on our final walkaround is that a few of our trees are looking a little worse for wear. We get a lot of wind at our end of the lake, and our property, a section of old farmland, is quite open. The trees have to withstand a lot of blowing without the protection of a forest canopy. It’s awful to think about, but it might soon be time to remove some that could fall and cause damage to the buildings. So that will leave us with some trunks. Funny timing then, because I just came across two cool decor projects that call for little else in their materials list.

The first is quite timely: A DIY trunk stand for your Christmas tree from the blog Something’s hiding in here.

They used the paddle attachment of their drill to make a hole in the top of a trunk into which they inserted their artificial tree. It likely wouldn’t work for a real tree, unless the trunk (and the paddle) were quite large, but what a great way to incorporate a piece of the cottage into your city decor:

something's hiding in here DIY Christmas tree stand

Something's hiding in here DIY Christmas tree stand



DIY tree stand

Here's a visual step by step. Looks dead easy. (hat tip to poppytalk and to the Urban Outfitters blog)


Readymade tree stump stool

The second tip comes from the Ready Made blog, a great source for easy DIY projects that reuse or repurpose common household items. They show us how to make a handy stool log with a built-in storage cubby: Readymade tree stump stool




























Readymade promises that this project is very easy and offers step-by-step instructions here. This project is very similar to one that we ran in the magazine a few years ago, designed by Catherine Doherty:

It doesn’t have a storage cubby, but is larger and sits on casters, making it an ideal multi-functional piece of furniture; a side table that could become an extra seat at the dinner table, for example. For complete instructions, go here.

Do you have any other clever uses for old tree stumps?


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Nov. 20, 2010

10:38 pm

Love the trunk tree stand! I wonder if there's a way to convert one into a 'real' tree stand?

Penny Caldwell

Summer Cottager

Nov. 19, 2010

4:41 pm

Beautiful photo! Feels like summer—if only…

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