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November 11th, 2010


I took this shot a few summers ago, while visiting my step-sister's family on McGregor Bay. The confiers there have that awesome, gnarly look that, to me, is pure Canadiana.

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Years ago now, I researched and wrote a story for the magazine about the white pine. Since then, I, like many of you no doubt, have had a love affair with that majestic, iconic conifer. I lost myself in my research a bit, spending days and days talking to tree experts. It was fascinating. (For example, did you know that when white pine loses it’s top, called the leader, a branch that grows below will start to stretch vertically to replace it? Sort of like Canada Geese flying south. See? Fascinating.)

So it goes without saying that I have a soft spot for not just white pines, but conifers in general. Thus I was smitten when I came across artist Sharilyn Wright’s “Beautiful Conifers of Canada” poster:

Beautiful Conifers and Canada posterBased in Vancouver, Sharilyn’s studio, lovelydesign, will ship you a poster for just $24 plus tax. Once installed at your cottage, it’s like having an id guide to pinecones on your wall. (Which give me a good idea…wouldn’t the pages of old id guides, the ones with the beautiful hand drawings, look great framed in a gallery on the wall? Might have to consider that for my own digs.) To order a poster, go here.

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Nov. 12, 2010

10:53 am

I have this along with her other poster "beautiful leaves" poster in my living room, I love them!

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