How to reuse TV trays

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

November 10th, 2010


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TV trays (the ones that sat atop fold-up metal stands) are exactly the kind of thing that end up rammed into some overstuffed cottage storage space and forgotten, aren’t they? If I looked hard enough, I’m almost certain that I’d find a few hidden in the rafters of our shed. A staple of my seventies childhood, TV trays aren’t the hot items they once were it seems—a shame since so many of them feature the lines and graphics that are making a huge comeback (just ask Don Draper and his team of Mad Men). I’m a big fan of family dinners, especially at the lake, so would never pull them out to use for their original purpose, so was happy to see this new use for them, by Gina at her craft blog doe.c.doe.

Gina used an air nibbler and metal shears to cut out the centre of the tray, replacing it with a piece of art. The tray gets new life as a cheerful frame.

Bonus points too for what she did with the part of the tray that was leftover. Instead of trashing it, she decided to clip it into these charming animal shapes.

Great work Gina!

Also, if you are looking for another way to reuse a metal tray, don’t forget about Mags’ message board. And if you’re looking for a reason to ditch your tv dinners (other than the fact that you have a new use for your trays) read the persuasive arguments of my fellow bloggers Penny Caldwell and Liann Bobechko.









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