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By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

November 2nd, 2010



Now that I’m expecting a baby, I’m finding that I’m looking at the internet in a whole new way, poking around at all the parenting sites. Apart from the usual how-to-be-a-mommy stuff, I’m especially keen on finding design ideas for the nursery. It’s actually quite inspiring; I think people are inherently less serious when they are imagining children’s spaces, and as a result let their inner whimsy come forward in a most delightful way. It’s an ethic that rubs shoulders with my ideal of cottage design.

Maya*made is one blog that I’ve fallen in love with.  A native of San Francisco, Maya now lives in rural upstate New York with her husband and two young children. Her blog features lots of clever DIY projects for kids and adults. Like cottagers, she seems to like reusing old things in new ways, with some fantastic results. Witness her very cool ladder shelf:


Maya’s mother came up with the smart idea of using an old ladder as a place to store her art supplies and a few other unique odds and sods. She simply collected barn board and sawed each piece to fit across the rungs. So simple, and so effective. She really took it to the next level when she chose to add her “compartments,” everything from egg baskets to old card catalogue files (pictured above).

The result is a visually interesting display that can evolve according to what her current needs and moods are. No surprise then that the ladder eventually moved into a bedroom, where it underwent a simple modification to become a pretty closet unit:

To make this unit, they removed the barn board and replaced it with a simple canvas cloth, creating a more sophisticated look and a slightly more hospitable space for clothing or delicates:

For more details on the project, visit maya*made. Great work!


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Nov. 4, 2010

4:08 pm

Congrats on the BaBE!! Mommyhood is the awesomest...ever! I have a ladder in my rec-room. My hubby's uncle made it [I think for a bunk bed, orginally]. It's about 7 feet tall. I have it propped up against the wall and have a pair of old skates hanging from it and some other collectibles. At one time, I hung it horizontally over my living room couch and put knick-knacks on it. It's a love-hate relationship. I love it, my hubby hates it!

michelle fallon

Nov. 4, 2010

7:51 am

wow that is fab - love it :o)

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