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By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

January 20th, 2010

Water pik ecoFlow Showerhead

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While it’s important in these eco-conscious times that we all takes steps to curb our water consumption no matter where we are, at the cottage, where septic systems are our most sensitive friends, the issue takes on added urgency. On an average summer weekend at my cottage, there are about a dozen people sharing the shower (and that’s when there aren’t any guests around). That means there’s a lot of water flowing down the drain and into our septic tank.

Hello then to the Water Pik EcoFlow showerhead.

Putting aside Water Pik’s claim that this 5-setting showerhead saves 3.8 litres of water a minute, the feature that speaks loudest to my cottager ears is the water pause setting that allows you to stop the flow of water while you’re busy lathering up. Less water out the tap means less water down the drain—and less chance of a septic emergency when guests do finally show up for a visit.

It comes in a fixed or handheld model and retails for around $40 at Canadian big box stores.

1 comment

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Jan. 26, 2010

12:08 pm

Michelle, that 'water pause' is a great feature. Even though we are on a drilled well and have no water volume problems I still turn off the water while lathering up. Unless it is early spring or late fall and a warm up is needed.

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