What to do with old Ikea furniture

By Corinna vanGerwen »Corinna vanGerwen

January 4th, 2010

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Every time I’ve moved into a new home, I’ve purchased make-do Ikea furniture “just until I get something else.” I always tell myself that I’ll upgrade to something more substantial, an investment piece, once I can afford it. But the only reason I’ve ever actually upgraded (and even that has only happened maybe…once) is when the Ikea “just for now” furniture finally gives out and falls apart. (I’m sure I’d have better luck with their stuff if only I were better with using the Allen key. I always have at least one random part leftover when I’m finished assembling.)

I know I’m not alone. All of this amounts to a whole lot of almost-perfectly functioning but not-functioning-enough Ikea furniture lying around. And in my experience, items of this ilk almost always end up at the cottage, where damaged goods aquire more “character” and somehow become MORE beloved. Fine, but you might also find that Ikea doesn’t hold up well once it’s taken apart and reassembled—or stuffed it into an jampacked car and bounced along a few kilometres of country roads. So what to do with it besides take it to the dump?

How about making a bed with built-in storage using old bookshelves? Just one idea showcased at ikeahacker, a brilliant blog that showcases inspired revamps of Ikea products. If you’ve never had a look there, take a minute to browse some of its quirky and inventive projects. If only I’d known how great my Malm dresser could look when I haphazardly put it together!

Have a hack of your own to brag about? Click on the title of this post and then scroll down to the comments and fill us in.

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Jan. 5, 2010

3:28 pm

thanks Michelle: what a great site the ikeahacker is...I have never seen it. We have only purchased one piece of Ikea....a desk chair for our daughter when she went off to university. It broke almost immediately...before we left her rez that day. Later we were in the old Goodwill down on Jarvis (boohoo gone now) and there were The most beautiful old office chairs, oak or chrome...old and still sound and 10 bucks. Why you ask yourself did I buy that hunk of plastic junk??? land fill now

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