Opening-up checklist

This handy list of tasks will keep you on track this spring

By Cottage LifeCottage Life

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  • Do a preliminary walk-around inspection of cottage
  • Trim back trees overhanging cottage
  • Gather loose brush into piles for kindling
  • Take down shutters
  • Check for and replace chewed electrical wires
  • Put up screens and patch holes before bugs find them
  • Take care of foot valve
  • Reconnect water pipes
  • Check for shifting foundations
  • Prime and start the pump
  • Wood preservative!!
  • Inspect the roof and eaves for loose or missing shingles, faulty flashing, gaping holes
  • Clean eavestroughs
  • Buy fuel for oil lamps
  • Stock up on candles and matches
  • Discard food in pantry if it shows signs of mice or bug visitation
  • Pitch out food tins bulging or swollen from freezing
  • Replace old herbs and spices in pantry
  • Restock medicine cabinet and first aid kits
  • Check appliances for critter damage or habitation before turning on
  • Fill the hot-water tank (before turning on the heating element — doh!)
  • Test batteries in flashlights and smoke and CO detectors
  • Clean the woodstove and fireplace chimneys
  • Build a pass-through window on back porch
  • Clean up after mice with damp mop and disinfectant
  • Find mouse holes and block the suckers with steel wool
  • Block off squirrel holes
  • Repair sticky doors and windows
  • Fix broken window panes and replace old putty
  • Sharpen blades on trimmer and chainsaw
  • Clean barbecue
  • Check and replace damaged caulking and weatherstripping
  • Inspect and tighten loose deck stairs and railings
  • Find out why pads under deck posts are shifting
  • Give the boat its spring tune-up
  • Inspect life preservers for damage; make sure there are enough for everybody
  • Do kids’ lifejackets still fit?
  • Put up the flagpole and replace worn halyards
  • Fix tippy dock
  • Inspect flotation in floating docks
  • Fix friggin’ potholes in lane
  • Tighten or reinstall loose dock cleats and rings
  • Hammer in raised nails on dock and repair loose boards
  • Make horseshoe pit before family reunion!!!
  • Clean and set out porch furniture
  • Sit down, have a beer

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