Cottage Life Show roundup: Euroshield roofing

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

April 20th, 2010



I know I haven’t talked much about building materials on this blog, and that’s mostly because it’s simply not my area of expertise. It’s also because I’ve never really been part of the building decisions that have gone on at my family cottage; that’s more my mother’s and brother’s domain. But in this age of constant technological advancement, driven in large part by a desire to be environmentally responsible, it’s hard to ignore all the cool building materials that are hitting the market. We often feature green building materials in the magazine, particularly in Go Green, which appears in the Puttering section. There was also a ton of this stuff at the recent Cottage Life Show.

One product that I found particularly interesting was Euroshield rubber roofing. This eco-friendly roofing is made up of more than 75 per cent recycled materials, including old tires and, get this, old diapers as a binding agent. No, it doesn’t stink. I checked. It looks pretty great too.

The product comes in a variety of patterns to look like slate, cedar, or more traditional asphalt shingles. It will run you about twice the cost of asphalt to cover your roof with them (about $7.50/sq. ft. installed, according to the rep I spoke with), but they offer a 50-year transferable warranty—nice assurance for a cottage. I must say, they looked great—had me fooled.

I have a few more Show reports coming up in the next few days…stay tuned!


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Apr. 20, 2010

9:48 am

We too went with steel roofing on our cottage, but wow - I really like the concept of this. I am definitely always looking for an eco-friendly alternative to daily living projects and ideas. I wonder though - how do they acquire the diapers??


Apr. 20, 2010

9:41 am

What a great idea putting old tires (and diapers!) to good use. We went with a steel roof on our cottage. Cost was about the same as this rubber roofing and being on an island it made sense to eliminate the hassle of having to get old roofing off the island in 15 or so years.

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