Cottage Life Show roundup: Shaw’s Creek

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

April 15th, 2010



As a new homeowner, I couldn’t possibly have come away from last month’s Cottage Life Show without at least a few little items to decorate my place. Since there’s no pressing need for a dock at my city home, I thought I’d focus on something smaller, so snapped up a few of these for my front hall:

These hooks, available from Shaw’s Creek, are sold either in singles ($8.85) or in a series, as pictured above ($13/hook when on the pine board). I went with the moose (I guess I’m not so tired of that trend after all) but if I had more space, or a boathouse, I would have bought a few anchors as well. Not only would they work for PFDs and ropes and nets and all other manner of boathouse flotsam and jetsam, they are also designed to cradle a canoe paddle. Very cool.

Located near Caledon, Shaw’s Creek is owned by Doug and Shelly McClure. They specialize in iron cottage decor, offering more than just these hooks to tempt you. Some of my other favourites were the dinner bells and dinner triangles, the latter made by Doug himself from antique railway spikes. To order their merchandise, contact Shelly directly at shellmcclure@]

Photo courtesy Gary Davidson


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Dec. 16, 2010

3:45 pm

Hi Susan: Unfortunately, they don't have a website at the moment but I believe they will be back at the next Spring show, on the last weekend of March. Hope that helps!


Dec. 16, 2010

2:14 pm

I wondered if the McClures have an address and shop/store? I tried looking on Google but could not find anything. Thank you, Susan


Apr. 15, 2010

11:04 am

Oh, I LOVE these. I once saw similar ones at Urban Outfitters, but they were way more pricey! I think I would have picked the Moose ones too!

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