First snow, or not

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

December 1st, 2009


[Updated] So we managed to get through the first November without snow since anyone’s officially been keeping track…oh, wait…I’ve been listening to that Toronto radio station again. The grass may be bare outside our offices here near the shore of Lake Ontario, but I know cottagers in parts north have already experienced the white stuff, including my friend Mary, who sent me this view from her cottage window of the Muskoka River this morning. Has anyone else got early winter photos to share? Send them to me at and I’ll post a few.



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Dec. 8, 2009

7:51 pm

Bet you’re glad you hung them up last week and not this week. Brrrr…


Dec. 2, 2009

4:59 pm

I must say I was feeling almost foolish outside (in Toronto) today hanging up the garland and lights while it was 10 degrees. I felt like that one guy on our block that hangs his lights up while the weather is still good in October!

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